An upscale, modern neighborhood with the charm of the countryside. A haven for those who enjoy being near the city with the privacy of rural living.

Morningside is a haven for those in southern St. Joseph County who desire the serenity of a rural setting with the convenience of a location just minutes from Plymouth, South Bend, and the US-31 bypass. Your dream home awaits to be built in this community that features the reliability of city water and sewer, Laville schools, and easy access to Newton Park. Truly a nature lover’s dream, Morningside also affords a convenient proximity to Potato Creek State Park, Riddles Lake, and Pleasant Lake.



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Lot #Sq Ft MinimumsPriceFeaturesLot Survey
Lot 11600/2000$45,900Entry Lot, Lookout GradeLot 1 Survey
Lot 21600/2000$48,900Interior LotLot 2 Survey
Lot 31600/2000SOLDInterior LotLot 3 Survey
Lot 41600/2000SOLDInterior LotLot 4 Survey
Lot 71600/2000SOLDInterior LotLot 7 Survey
Lot 81600/2000SOLDCorner LotLot 8 Survey
Lot 111600/2000SOLDCul de SacLot 11 Survey
Lot 121600/2000$64,900Cul de Sac, Walkout GradeLot 12 Survey
Lot 131600/2000SOLDCul de Sac, Walkout GradeLot 13 Survey
Lot 141600/2000SOLDCul de SacLot 14 Survey
Lot 161600/2000SOLDNo Rear NeighborsLot 16 Survey
Lot 341600/2000SOLDWater Views, Walkout GradeLot 34 Survey
Lot 361600/2000SOLDEntry Lot, Lookout GradeLot 36 Survey
Lot 371600/2000SOLDEntry Lot, Lookout GradeLot 37 Survey
Lot 381600/2000SOLDLookout GradeLot 38 Survey
Lot 391600/2000$51,900Lookout GradeLot 39 Survey
Lot 411600/2000$56,900Cul de SacLot 41 Survey
Lot 421600/2000$59,900Cul de Sac, TreelinedLot 42 Survey
Lot 441600/2000SOLDCorner LotLot 44 Survey
Lot 451600/2000$56,900Corner LotLot 45 Survey
Lot 481600/2000$51,900Interior LotLot 48 Survey
Lot 491600/2000SOLDInterior LotLot 49 Survey
Lot 501600/2000SOLDInterior LotLot 50 Survey
Lot 511600/2000SOLDInterior LotLot 51 Survey
Lot 521600/2000SOLDInterior LotLot 52 Survey
Lot 531600/200051,900Interior LotLot 53 Survey
Lot 541600/2000$51,900Interior LotLot 54 Survey
Lot 551600/2000SOLDInterior LotLot 55 Survey
Lot 561600/2000$53,900Corner LotLot 56 Survey
Lot 581600/2000$51,900Interior LotLot 58 Survey
Lot 591600/2000SOLDInterior LotLot 59 Survey
Lot 601600/2000$52,900Interior LotLot 60 Survey
Lot 611600/2000SOLDInterior LotLot 61 Survey
Lot 621600/2000$52,900Interior LotLot 62 Survey
Lot 631600/2000SOLDInterior LotLot 63 Survey
Lot 641600/2000SOLDInterior LotLot 64 Survey
Lot 651600/2000SOLDInterior LotLot 65 Survey
Lot 661600/2000SOLDTreelinedLot 66 Survey
Lot 671600/2000SOLDTreelinedLot 67 Survey
Lot 691600/2000$54,900TreelinedLot 69 Survey
Lot 701600/2000$51,900TreelinedLot 70 Survey
Lot 711600/2000$48,900TreelinedLot 71 Survey
Lot 721600/2000$48,900Entry Lot, Lookout GradeLot 72 Survey


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