It’s finally here – we have completely torn down the old site and rebuilt it from the ground up!

It became obvious to our team that we needed to scrap the site we had when the conversation at the office one day landed on a question – why are most real estate brokerage and agent websites needlessly terrible? Dated, salesy, non-responsive, cookie-cutter. Mere moments later we came to the sinking realization that ours was too. Maybe more so than many of the others. The topic shifted to SEO (search engine optimization – used to drive traffic to websites through Google, Bing, etc.) and we realized that we didn’t really want people to come to our site. It just wasn’t representative of our business. It was pretty clear that we needed a change.

So we started the process of deconstructing the typical real estate brokerage site to figure out what the issues were and how avoid the pitfalls. We came back with a simple blueprint based on providing quality information about our services, simple property searches, and ensuring easy navigation, usability, and responsiveness on any browser or device.

And no popup lead capture forms.

Sounds simple, right? I mean we weren’t reinventing the wheel; we were building a website in an industry that is home to thousands of brokerages and agents. So we took to the internet to do some research and hopefully find a few sites to use for inspiration. Nothing in our local market jumped out at us. We went to larger metropolitan markets and struck out there too. You would think that the holy grail of sites would be out there somewhere, and we could borrow a few ideas, add a few of our own, switch up the logo, change the content to reflect our business and our market, and poof – job finished. But if a truly great real estate brokerage website really is out there we sure couldn’t find it. So instead we tried to put ourselves in the client’s shoes and started building the site we thought they would want.

I’m not sure what our expectation was when we set out to build the new site, but it has been a massive undertaking. Like epic proportions. And that probably plays into why so many agents and brokerages go to one stop shops where web companies provide them with cookie cutter sites, because representing your clients as an agent is a full time job. Who has the kind of time lying around that it takes to build a great website from scratch? Well we made the time.

Hopefully we have been successful in accomplishing our goal. We’re pretty proud of the results and think you’ll find the new useful, informational, and easy to navigate. So click around a little and let us know what you think in the comments section!

About the author

Steve Smith
Senior broker and team leader at Irish Realty, Steve has been a top producing agent since 2005 and has represented clients in transactions totaling well over $130M in career sales. With a broad experience base that is not simply limited to single family homes, coupled with his market leading track record of success, Steve has established himself as one of the South Bend area’s most respected Realtors. You can follow Steve on Facebook and several other social media platforms.

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