Downsizing! Daunting or Exciting?

Either way, these tips will help you save your memories while minimizing clutter in your current home or new place.

Make a Plan

Take a trip to your new place and measure the size of your rooms and storage areas. This will be your guide for how much you can take with you. It is better to underestimate than overestimate.


Decide on Your Furniture First

Going from big to small will give you a better idea of how much space you have left to fill. You don’t want to have to reshuffle everything if you can’t take that bookshelf with you.


Sort Your Belongings

Will you use it? If you haven’t used it in the past year, likely, you never will. Set those items aside and donate them to a charity in need or your local Goodwill. Also, get rid of multiples. Do you have multiple coffee pots or several sets of china? If you can only use one at a time, you don’t need to keep both. Special items may be handed down to friends or family members. Furniture, housewares, clothing, and other items in good condition could be sold at a garage sale or on sites like Craigslist.


Preserve Memories

Digitize photos to save space and easily share them with family. Photo albums take up a lot of room, and how often do you go through them? Pick up a digital frame and enjoy all of your photos in a rotating slideshow or create a slideshow screensaver for your TV or computer. Have VHS tapes or old 8mm film sitting around and taking up space? You can easily get that digitized along with your photos or 35mm slides. Condensing boxes into a single hard drive or cloud service. The Michiana area has a wonderful mom-and-pop shop called Gene’s Camera Store that is well-equipped to help you through this process!

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