The five most common issues found in home inspections

The truth is that every home, whether it’s 1 or 100 years old, has an issue or two. Luckily these problems are totally fixable! Here are five of the most common defects we run into on our inspections. 

Water Damage 

Water damage is when water intrudes in a home causing the destruction to different materials. Even a small leak can cause huge problems! This is because water damage spreads quickly. Some damages may include rotting of wood, mold, bacteria, rusting of metals and wood delamination and swelling. Here are some ways that this damage can be prevented: 

  1. Check downspouts
  2. Fix caulking around the house 
  3. Grade the soil
  4. Inspect roof
  5. Clean gutters
  6. Keep drains clear
  7. Inspect and repair chimney
  8. Monitor water pressure and sub pump

Drainage that’s lacking 

A defective or inadequate drainage system can lead to flooding and waterlogging in low-lying areas. This typically happens when foreign objects, whether this is rocks, soap, hair, food, etc., block the area between the drain pipe and the other pipes to make the water flow. In the case of rain water, improperly installed drainage systems, inadequate lot grading, erosion, landscaping, etc., all can cause flooding of basements, dead grass, ice building on sidewalks, and much more. Cleaning gutters and implementing a new drainage plan are the top two ways of preventing drainage issues. 

Roof Defects 

The most common roof defects are leaks, shrinkage, poor maintenance, shingle blistering (shingle breakdown, poor ventilation, moisture) and poor roof installation. In order to prevent roof defects, inspection is key! Frequent inspection and repairs protect your roof against harsh weather conditions, and can prevent future deterioration. 

General Maintenance Issues

These issues are typically the most common. Appliances, heating and air conditioning, sinks, toilets, etc., need to be repaired or switched often. Through regular cleanings and inspections, especially seasonal, these issues can be prevented.  

Plumbing Problems 

Clogged toilets, sinks and drains are never fun to fix. Thankfully, it’s easily stoppable! By fixing leaking faucets, checking water pressure, cleaning pipes, blocking debris and foreign objects from entering pipes and toilets, these measures will help eliminate any plumbing issues. 


We always say a little routine maintenance can go a long way in making sure a home remains in its best condition. Follow these tips to keep your home pristine! 

Building a new home and wanting to prevent these issues from occurring? Read our article on navigating through new home construction!


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