4 Home Improvements that Add Value to Your Home

Are you choosing the right renovations for the best return on investment? If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, it is even more important to think twice about the type of renovations you take on. There may be some projects that you see online or TV that look good, but they may not actually add value to your home. This list of 4 home improvements will help guide you into making sure the renovations you choose to tackle actually add value to your home, so you get a strong return on your investment.

Replace kitchen countertops. 

Replacing your kitchen countertops can make a dramatic difference by completely changing the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

Replace (or paint) kitchen cabinets. 

Along with the kitchen countertops, updating your kitchen cabinets will totally change the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Install kitchen backsplash and flooring. 

Once you install a backsplash, you get a “complete” feeling to the kitchen. Not only does a backsplash improve the overall look of the kitchen, but it can be helpful to prevent damage to your walls from kitchen splatter and water splashes.

Update your bathroom. 

You can make a big difference in most bathrooms by simply swapping out the lighting, updating the faucets and showerhead, and adding hardware to the cabinets.


These are just a few renovations that can not only spruce up your home, but will add value to it in the long run. If you need more advice about home renovations, remodel consulting, and interior design, Irish Realty relies on our partner, Designed to Flourish. Flourish specializes in new construction and remodel consulting, staging homes for sale, and traditional interior design. For more information about how renovations can help sell your home, read the article here 


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