Summertime Home Maintenance Checklist

Naturally, you may not want to spend a large chunk of your free time this summer doing home maintenance. But you don’t want to put it off till it’s too late either. To begin, decide which tasks should be prioritized, and tackle those first. Then, divvy up the responsibilities or hire professionals to make the best use of your time!

List of common items to consider:

1. Change air conditioner filter 

This helps prevent debris and dirt from obstructing the air conditioner’s airflow, which will help keep the air circulating efficiently.  

2. Inspect windows and doors for leaks 

Leaks within doors and windows can cause you to pay higher energy bills! 10-30% of heating and cooling can escape if leaks are not found and repaired. Sealing these leaks can save you both money and energy.

3. Clean the gutters 

Cleaning gutters regularly can help not only remove debris, but doing this also allows you to find any damages that need to be repaired. The removal of leaves, sticks, etc., will help rainwater drain effectively, which will protect not only your roof, but the interior of your home. 

4. Power wash your driveway and sidewalks 

Power washing your driveway and sidewalks helps prevent moss and weeds from growing within the cracks. If these are not regularly cleaned, especially in the hotter months, the overgrowth of these plants can begin to eat away at the surface causing more breakage to the materials of the sidewalks and driveways. 

5. Wash windows inside and out

Cleaning windows aids in protecting the aesthetic of your home, as well as, preventing dirt, debris, cobwebs, etc., from multiplying. If you own plants, keeping these windows clean will have them gather as much sunlight as possible!

6. Prevent bug breeding grounds

Eliminating standing water that is in objects around your home, adding screen doors, sealing cracks, storing trash properly are just some of the ways you can prevent bugs from infiltrating your home. 

7. Clean, inspect, and rotate ceiling fans 

In order for ceiling fans to run smoothly, the blades must be cleaned on a regular basis. It is also important to prevent dust particles from circulating around the house, which will keep the air inside your home clean and free from debris. 


Why is it so important to perform frequent home maintenance? For one, future problems can occur to your home if not paid attention to. Not only can property damage occur, such as roof defects, water damage, bug infestations, etc., but you can lose money in the long run. Routine maintenance checks, whether done by you or a professional, will help prevent these issues. Also, maintaining a home increases its value! Frequent maintenance improves the overall living experience for you and your family, and the next potential homeowner. 

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