The pros of new construction homes v.s. existing homes.

Have you been searching for a home and you are just not finding what you are looking for? New construction might be the answer for you! New home construction allows you to create your perfect home. Everything is brand new and customizable, therefore you have the opportunity to make this your dream home! Since everything will be totally new, less repairs will be needed to be completed. Frequent maintenance checks are still emphasized, but less major fixes will occur. Also, When building a new home, you can also cash in on energy efficiency. Meaning, by using less heating and cooling, for example, will save you money! 

Not only can new construction homes provide many benefits, but an existing home has multiple advantages as well. For one, you will be able to choose from a variety of floorplans and home styles. You can find anything from a classic Colonial to a modern Farmhouse two-story. That is what makes the home searching process so fun! Another perk is whatever home you choose, there is a high chance you will be living in an established neighborhood. This is a great opportunity for researching multiple educational opportunities and school districts, improved neighborhood developments and dynamics, unique architecture and mature landscaping and trees, which are all factors in giving your existing home that lived-in charm feel! 

Thankfully we continue to see our building community launch new projects. The Hills, Echoes Townhomes, Keenan Court Flats, Belle Terre Villas and Brennan’s View all provide a release valve to the inventory pressure buyers’ face. Do you need more information on our Notre Dame real estate? Click here


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