Season’s Selling!

The Advantages to Listing Your Home During the Holidays

If all you want for Christmas is the perfect buyer, you might get your wish this year. If you’re considering listing your home in the upcoming weeks or possibly in early 2022, there are several factors that must be kept in mind.

It can actually be a huge benefit to list your home during the holidays! There will be less inventory to share the limelight and the listing may get much more market attention. The buyer pool is smaller yes, but you tend to have more serious buyers looking at that time and less competition from other sellers.Besides, serious buyers don’t take a break and will continue looking during the holiday season.

All the holiday togetherness can be a motivating factor. Gathering with loved ones tends to put in perspective the need to have shelter and a place to raise a family,  creating an incentive for potential buyers. Keep in mind that a cold, undecorated home can’t compete with one that has the fireplace roaring, the smell of fresh baked cookies, and elegant, yet festive décor. Not to mention that buyers tend to be more emotional during the holidays and may be more likely to make decisions based on the feeling a house conjures up.

Another good reason is timing. The end of the year is typically the time when people get notified they will be moving because of a job transfer, or perhaps an offer comes through from another company that’s just too good to pass up. Those people are going to need a home sooner rather than later and, as a result, they’ll be hunting for a new home during the holidays. These buyers can’t wait for spring, which is one reason why listing during the holidays can get the home sold—and sold quickly

Our Top Six Reasons for Holiday Selling:

1). Homes for Sale Are In Demand During the Holidays
2). No Open Houses Necessary on Christmas Day
3). Buyers Are More Serious Shoppers During the Holidays
4). Comfy, Cozy Decorated Homes Create an Emotional Connection
5). Low Inventory Could Drive Higher Prices for Seller
6). Year End Tax Benefits Could be a Nice Gift

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