What is a Home Valuation?

Do you want to know something that you can do that’s 100% free, but has the power to make you a lot of money? I’m talking about booking a free Home Valuation with the Steve Smith Team of Irish Realty! Hey Granger, Mishawaka and South Bend residents. I’m Steve Smith, the owner of Irish Realty, and the number one agent in Northern Indiana. Today I want to explain what a home valuation is, how it can make you more money, and how you can schedule yours today.

Let’s start with the basics. Essentially, a Home Valuation is where a realtor like myself comes out and provides market data and information about what other homes that are of a similar age size and year of construction have been selling for, to give you a value of what your home’s worth that day. It’s a great way to interview a realtor to potentially be the one you use to list your home for sale; however, all home valuations are not created equal!

A Steve Smith Team home valuation is a powerful tool to help you prepare your home and get the most money to maximize your sale. So why is a Home Valuation with the Steve Smith Team different? Many agents will come out and walk through your home then need to go back for days or even weeks to do research or guesswork on what is your home’s value. Our team has a tremendous amount of experience and we do a ton of research before we ever even step foot on your property. So as we’re walking through it with you we’re able to leave you with a recommendation at the end of a 1-hour appointment, so you know what your home is worth!

Also when we do that walkthrough we’re going to point out strategic ways to declutter, make improvements and do things to position your sale for its highest property value and it’s quickest sale on the market. We partner with our strategic vendor Flourish Interiors to come in, at our expense, to help make recommendations on paint colors, flooring, or other things you can do if you need to prepare; and we never recommend you invest a dollar that isn’t going to add at least two on the sale of your home! We even offer financing options for buyers who are looking to cash flow those improvements and take them out of the backend proceeds of the sale of their home.

Call us today at 574-360-2569 or visit us at IrishRealty.net and book your free home valuation today!

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